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Vulcan Tube Cutting Machines

Featured in The Tube & Pipe Journal:

“Restoring Proven Tools For Future Success”

Rings cut from copper tube by a Vulcan Ringmaster Tube Cutting Machine

Front Page of the March 2023 Tube and Pipe Journal, featuring Vulcan Tube Cutting Machines


This month The Fabricator’s Tube and Pipe Journal wrote about how Vulcan Tool Company has provided H&H Tube a new Ringmaster and entered into a program to rebuild all four of their existing Ringmaster Tube Cutting Machines. The new and rebuilt Ringmasters will greatly enhance H&H’s production capabilities, allowing them to produce more high-quality tube products with greater efficiency and precision.


As a leader among tube cutting solution providers, Vulcan Tool Company has a proven track record of providing innovative and reliable solutions to meet the demands of our customers. The new and rebuilt Ringmasters delivered to H&H are no exception.


The new Ringmaster and the four rebuilds are outfitted with a state of the art collet system. The Ringmasters that are being expertly restored have already been in service for as many as 40 years. H&H can rely on these machines for precise, consistent, and efficient tube cutting for many more years to come. In fact, system upgrades will allow H&H to produce more cut tube for their customers than ever before.


See the full Tube & Pipe Journal article here.

The Fabricator also published a video on LinkedIn.  You can click the link below to watch it.

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