Vulcanaire Precision Grinding Solution

by Nov 30, 2021Company News

Spindle Attachment
– Easily turns your mill or lathe into a precision grinding machine.
– Ideal for applications 4,500 – 300,000 RPM!

Vulcanaire is easily adapted to any machine tool spindle. The result is a machine capable of precision grinding of holes.

The basic Vulcanaire kit consists of a spindle adapter, torque ring, adjustable eccentric head, collet, grinding wheel, and air motor capable of delivering the optimum SFPM.

Vucanaire’s advantages are many:
– Reduces multiple set-ups, saving valuable time
– Improves capability of existing equipment for a fraction of the cost of a new machine
– Units can be rebuilt quickly and cost effectively when used in harsh environments

Holes .030″ to 9.00″
Diameter precision to tenths. Eccentric extension attachments are available for holes up to 9″ diameter. Vulcanaire is capable of grinding to tenths, and has sturdy construction ensuring long hours of precision work. Standard adapters in-stock for hundreds of machines.

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