Thermal Spray

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ThermalSprayWelding-200Thermal spray coatings provide a means to prevent or solve problems of wear, oxidation, corrosion, machining, friction, appearance, heat transfer or electrical conductivity or resistance.


ThermalSpray-200Thermal spray coatings are produced from either wire or powder materials that are melted into droplets, then propelled onto the selected substrate. Upon impact, they form platelets that bond to the surface, creating a dense, protective coating — with no alteration to the substrate structure.

Coatings-Alloys, Carbides & Ceramics Provide
Life Prolonging Factor (LPF)
Thermal Barrier
Wear Resistance
Hard Surfacing
Corrosion Protection
Chrome replacement

Pump Impeller
Seal Surfaces
Shaft/Roll Restoration
Chemical Process Parts
Wear Rings
Pump Housing/Rebuilding
Bucket Teeth
Auger Flights

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