Machinery Repair and Rebuild: Back to work – for the long haul

by Aug 20, 2019Company News

It’s hard to meet production goals when your equipment doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

The solution to keeping your operation up-and-running is a machine repair & rebuild source that you can count on.

Paradigm Industrial can repair or rebuild your custom machines and components quickly and efficiently. We have the expertise and the tools required to get your equipment working the way it should. We can help keep it that way by assisting you in creating a plan of preventive maintenance that will minimize unplanned downtime.

Repair and rebuild jobs can often be difficult and time consuming for in-house personnel, leading managers to look for new equipment instead of fixing or refurbishing what they have on hand. However, the high cost of replacement makes the repair and rebuild work Paradigm Industrial does very cost effective.

We can build, modify or repair your custom machinery and production equipment, or simply recondition components such as gear boxes, pumps, cylinders, motors and other parts that always seem to break at the worst possible time.

Our capabilities are comprehensive:

We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer service, reliability, and quick turnaround times. We are committed to helping our customers succeed. Contact us today to see how Paradigm Industrial can help get your equipment performing the way you’ve always wanted!


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