Custom Control Panel Build & Repair Services

by Sep 16, 2022Company News

Maximize Productivity While Minimizing Safety Risk

Vulcan Tool Company has been helping customers increase productivity through automation for well over a century. 100 years ago our solutions were all mechanical—but over time our technology has evolved with automation solutions including high performance digital control options. Our new machines include the most up to date sensors and guarding in order to minimize safety risk and maximize productivity. Our custom control panels are managing important operations for industrial machinery and systems economically and efficiently.

Machine Builders

In addition to building new Tube Cutting, End Trimming, and Custom Application machines, we also use our automation expertise to help our Machine Repair customers maintain their current equipment. We can install, troubleshoot, test, and repair your custom control panels. By leveraging both our controls experience and fabrication capabilities, Vulcan Tool Company is able to help our customers assess existing safety hazards and then design, build and install solutions to mitigate those risks.

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