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Vulcan Tool Company specializes in the design and
engineering of custom solutions that help our customers provide products and services of higher value and lower cost. Our design services can help translate your vision into the part, tool, fitting, fixture, or machine that you need help creating. We work with your concept to deliver the right mix of
functionality, delivery, and cost.

Vulcan Solution—Longer lasting coolant lines that cost 40% less


OEM transmission coolant lines on a County Engineer’s Western Star dump trucks lasted less than a year during normal use. Transmission line failure caused downtime and increased maintenance workload. Their trucks are equipped with Cummins Diesel engines and Allison automatic transmissions.



The OEM coolant lines cost $900 per set. A stainless-steel option may be available soon, but is expected to cost over $2000. The customer required a cost effective solution that could be implemented quickly and minimize equipment downtime.


Vulcan Solution

County, township and municipal garages are now using Vulcan Tool Company engineered fittings to save taxpayer dollars and increase equipment uptime.

The JIC to quick disconnect fittings are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and cost $350 per pair (each truck needs two fittings). The fittings are used with custom rubber hydraulic hoses that cost approximately $200 per set.

Together, the fittings and hoses replace the OEM steel transmission lines while providing a rust free solution that costs $350 less than standard replacement parts. Maintenance labor costs are also reduced due to the nature of the quick disconnect fittings and longer life of the easy to install corrosion resistant rubber hoses.

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